Friday, September 13, 2013

Assignment: Report

We expect everyone to deliver a report from the discussion on Friday afternoon. Take notes and write about your findings, disagreements, discoveries et cetera during the talk. One report per group. Not more than A4 (unless necessary). We also want you to specify who did what in the group, who went to the field trip, who did the interview or such.
The report and the team-report is part of the project and compulsory for a grade.

Delivery file format: PDF
Upload: as the previous delivery.
Deadline: 09:00 Monday 16th of September, preferable Friday afternoon

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Lecture: Owen Hatherley

Friday 10:45 (approx) at the Röda Tältet:

Owen Hatherley is an English critic and writer; mostly on urbanism, architecture and politics. Among his books are: "Militant Modernism" 2009 (a return to the true roots of Modernism and 'a defence of Modernism against its defenders') and "A Guide to the New Ruins of Great Britain" 2010 plus "A New Kind of Bleak", 2012. The two last ones are a collection of articles from Urban Trawl, a regular feature in the British magazine Building Design. Owen also writes for the Guardian and blogs at Sit down, man, you're a bloody tragedy. Some viideos: On Brutalism and Heritageon New Labour's regeneration legacy, at the Architectural Foundation.

Lecture: Håkan Forsell

Friday at 09:00 Röda Tältet:

Håkan Forsell on Stockholm.
Håkan Forsell is an urban historian and researcher, who is working at the Center for Metropolitan Studies at TU-Berlin and at the University of Stockholm. Much of his interesting work-in-progresss is collected at his blog, Arbetsbok (in Swedish). Earlier this year, in June, his book "Bebodda Platser: studier av vår urbana samtidshistoria" was published. Together with the editor of Arkitektur, Dan Hallemar, Håkan has recently started a podcast: Staden – here.

Result: Work-In-Progress

The first 116 pages are up now. The final version will be published during next week.

Delivery: Upload complete!

It seems like everyone have uploaded their work. It looks good! A work-in-progress PDF will be posted here as soon as we can compress the 400 MB mega-PDF we have.


We've had a few questions about some of the entries on the Urban ID card (i.e. the template). Some find it hard to get the info about the number of square meters. We suggest you try:

a) the municipality yearbook or statistic yearbook
b) call the municipality, the information office or the planning department.
c) if that doesn't work, you might use QGIS to calculate the footprint. Group Lidingö succefully did it this way. Note: it can be quite time consuming.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Delivery: Tomorrow

We expect everyone to upload their work at 13:00 on the server. On how, please read: this.
As everyone is dependent on getting access to the material, it is important that you respect this time. Once you have uploaded, you will be downloading the material from the group you're meeting on Friday afternoon (for session A and B, please read: this.)

What we want to find in your folder:

– One (1) PDF containing:
1. The ID-page according to template
2. Page 2: a municipality map/plan of the existing situation
3. Page 3: a municipality map/plan of planned/projected expansion/vision
4: Pages 4–: the bulk of your work. No upper limit on the number of pages, but please be somewhat economic with the space

– One folder with the packaged InDesign document:
Export the whole document with FILE>PACKAGE and save the all the material in a folder. Then compress it before uploading (ZIP, RAR). A short tutotial here.

Reminder: Wednesday 13:00

The presentation of electibles is at 13:00 in the Red Tent.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Yesterday on TV

ABC - a news program  in Swedish - had a short report on the housing market:
Document: Bygg PDF

More on HSB's current and previous reports here
And a short wiki entry about: HSB

An interesting entry (in Swedish) on HSB's blog why less planning and more building is good. A response to a report (SOU) from the government, "En effektivare plan- och bygglovsprocess".  

Monday, September 9, 2013

Resource: More GIS

A couple more useful links in the information jungle:

SCB's GIS: More from SCB, interesting data, but a bit hard to find your way around
SCB Analysis: Statistic through a nice and online interface. You can actually add data by uploading it. Unsure on how you can export the results.
Greater Stockholm GIS Dept: PDF-maps of the municipalities with further divisions

Geometry: scales
As your questions get more and more precise, maybe so is your requirement of specific data. But not everything is free, the freely available resolution usually seem to stop at the municipality level. If you find other sources, please let us know.

Sweden: free
Region: free
Municipality: free
Parish (pastorat, cf socken) : not free
Basområde: not free
Zip-code: not free


We managed to find some good data on housing stats, ownership vs rent : here

Delivery: Upload

We expect that everyone will make their material available to each other at 13:00 on Thursday the 12th.
File: PDF (standard compression)
Format: A4 - portrait, template as below

Where to upload: KTH Webfile Manager
Folder: Link [you need to login]
root/KTH Studentresurser/kurser/ARCH/orienteringskurs 2013

Resource: Housing data

For those looking for data on the housing stock, the proportion of ownership vs rent apartments, you'll find the data at SCB (as usual). 

more data to follow - we haven't found a really good source, yet.


Here's the template: ZIP. It contains two pages, one introductory page and one generic page, for the other pages.
Below, some suggestions on how to use (please note, the template is a previous work-in-progress design).

We expect everyone to deliver three (3) standard pages:

Page 1: the urban ID card (as specified in the template) - please edit the embedded illustration to show where your municipality is located.
Page 2: a plan of the municipality as it is, today
Page 3: a plan of the municipality as planned, or visioned

In addition to these required pages, we expect a additional number of pages where you present your research. We haven't set a maximum number of pages, but please be some what precise in your presentation.

Update Monday 9th Sept 16:40

some clarifications:

- Death and birth rates: the crude rate (the one you will be using) is, for example, the total deaths in one municipality in one year divided by the total population that year in the municipality.

- Layout: We'll try to arrange the pages so that the first page of every group will be on the right hand side of a spread.

Resource: SCB's housing data

Sweden's Statistics Bureau publishes an extensive book on Sweden's housing market. Here: PDF

Friday, September 6, 2013

Resource: Slogans

Almost all of Sweden's municipalities has one, or several, slogans. Stockholm's own is nowadays "The Capital of Scandinavia". The others' are available here:
Var femte invånare är en häst [book] and a sample. And the book's project blog.

Reference: Crack, Bubble & Pop

Just a link to the blog of Crack, Bubble and Pop: here. A seminar course, Speculations, Bubbles and Collapses, held at KTH-A in Stockholm spring 2013.

Presentation: Next Friday

After lunch next Friday (13th) the presentations will take place. Session one starts after lunch, 13:00. Session two starts at 15:00.

Please note that this is a preliminary list and changes may occur later. Please check again.

13:00–14:30 Session A
Location: Red Tent
7+18: Lidingö and Täby
6+16: Järfälla and Södertälje
Location: A3
4+23: Haninge and Värmdö
Location: A4
5+14: Huddinge and Solna
Location: Ateliers, level 5 [Övre Ateljén]
3+13: Ekerö and Sollentuna
1+20: Botkyrka and Upplands Väsby
15:00–16:30 Session B
Location: Red Tent
9+17: Nykvarn and Tyresö
8+15: Nacka and Sundbyberg
Location: A3
12+19: Sigtuna and Upplands Bro
Location: A4
2+21: Danderyd and Vallentuna
Location: Ateliers, level 5 [Övre Ateljén]
11+24: Salem and Österåker
10+22: Nynäshamn and Vaxholm

Updated Wednesday 11th
Please - note that the list is updated: group 1 has been moved to session A, and group 10 has been moved to session B.

Thursday, September 5, 2013


Sorry about this, but the template is delayed. It is not too much to worry about though.

Lecture: Jennifer Mack

View Larger Map

Jennifer Mack is an American architect and researcher from MIT and Harvard. Her dissertation - "Producing the Public: Architecture, Urban Planning, and Immigration in a Swedish Town, 1965 to the Present"- focused on Södertäljer and more specifically on Syriacs. Above a street view from Lina Hage, the part sometimes referred to as Hollywood.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Lecture: Michelle Provoost

Michelle Provoost is a Dutch architectural historian and a co-founder of Crimson Architectural Historians (above). She is now the director of the International New Town Institute in Almere. Two on-line lectures can be found here: at the Strelka Institute, Moscow and the fourth INTI conference.
Publications from the New Town Institute can be found, here, and more about Crimson, here.

The lecture is held in the Red Tent at 10:00, Thursday the 5th of September.